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75 Most Important Prepositions and Using

75 Most Important Prepositions in English
suffer from recover from distinct from focus on
abstain from get rid of search for accustomed to
wait for obsessed with peer at lead to
convert to approve of cope with feed up with
respond to differ from hinder from infer from
vote for indifferent to stem from associated with
vote for indifferent to stem from associated with
exempt from benefit from superior to spend on
prevent from dedicate to notorious for aware of
oppose to insist on consist of deprived of
adapted to compatible with persist in susceptible to
addicted to content with blame for tend to
ask for equal to short of ready for
famous for succeed in yield to distinguish from
refrain for irrespective of deal with involve in
contrary to obliged to capable of composed of
count on keen on devote to account for
exposed to dependent on devoid of prone to
worry about emerge from fond of